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Matching, bidding and offers

Matching for properties

If your application is in Band 1, 2 or 3 you will automatically be matched for Housing Association properties that meet the requirements you have specified on your application. It is important that you keep your property and area preferences up to date as you will only match to the property types and areas that you have listed on your application.

Properties are matched based on the application that is in the highest band, has been in the highest band the longest and meets all of the criteria of the property.

You will be contacted directly by the Housing Association once you are matched for a property. It is important that the contact details on your application are kept up to date as you could miss out on a property if they are incorrect.


Bidding for properties

As soon as your application is active, you can start bidding for properties using the property search tool. You can bid on any Housing Association or private sector lettings properties where you meet the eligibility criteria.  

You can place upto 3 bids in any 7 day period.

Bidding for Housing Association properties is based on a first come first served basis. This means that whoever bids on the property first, regardless of which band the application is in, will appear at the top of the shortlist.

Bidding for private sector lettings properties is based on band and band effective date. This means that your position on the shortlist may change if applications in a higher band bid on the same property as you.  

You can check the properties that you have bid on and your position number by clicking the 'my bids' link when you are logged in to your account.



You will be contactly directly by the Housing Association and/or private sector lettings team when you appear at the top of their shortlist. They will contact you on the details that are on your application so it is really important to keep this up to date. If the landlord is unable to contact you, you may miss out on the offer of a property.

You may be required to undergo a 'suitability check' to make sure that you meet the landlord and property criteria. You may also be asked to provide some evidence to support your application such as proof of identity, proof of income etc.

Some Housing Associations and private landlords charge up to 4 weeks rent in advance. You will need to make sure that you have saved money for this, otherwise you may not be offered the property.