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Supporting evidence

How is banding awarded?

You will be awarded a band on your application depending on your current housing situation and housing needs. There are 3 priority bands:

  • Band 1
  • Band 2
  • Band 3

The criteria for each of these bands is set out in the Bradford Disrict Allocations Policy. Click here to view Bradford District Allocations Policy.

If you do not meet the criteria for any of these bands, your application will be placed in the Property Shop.


What evidence is required?

If you have ticked any of the Housing need boxes on the 'why you want to move' section of your application, you will need to provide evidence to support the award of a higher band. Please click on the statement below that reflects your housing circumstances to view the evidence required.

If you have not ticked any of the Housing need boxes, you do not need to provide any supporting evidence.