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Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to register, it won't let me create a password. What do I do?
  • Make sure the password you are entering is between 8 and 10 characters. 
  • Make sure your password contains 4 lower case letters, 2 upper case letters and 1 number and 1 special character (¬"£^()-+@$!%*#?&{}\[]:;'~<>|/) for example PASSword99?
  • Please make sure you note down your login reference, memorable date and password as you require this at every attempt to login.

I haven't applied for housing before, but when I try to register I get an error message saying that an application already exists. What do I do?

This means that your details already exist in the system even though you may not be registered for housing. This may be because you contacted Housing Options in the past about a housing problem or homelessness and a case was created for you. If you can remember your reference number, you need to use this to 'Login' to your account rather than trying to register for a new account. If you cannot remember your 'Login' please contact the service on 01274 435999 and we will assist you to create a new account for BradfordHomes.

I’ve forgotten my memorable date, what do I do?

You can reset your memorable date online by completing some details such as your email address and date of birth. You must have an email address registered on your account in order for your details to be emailed to you.

 I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

You can reset your password by completing some details such as your email address and date of birth. You must have an email address registered on your account in order for your details to be emailed to you.

I’ve forgotten my login reference, what do I do?

Your login reference is 5 digits and will be on any correspondence we have sent to you. You will need to contact us on 01274 435999 if you cannot remember your login reference.


I don’t have access to a computer, how can I register on BradfordHomes?

You can register using any mobile phone or tablet device with access to the internet. You can also use the computers at your local library. The Council also has computers available in the customer contact centre at Britannia House, Hall Ings, Bradford, BD1 1HX.


Do I need to provide any evidence to support my online application?

If you are applying for housing for the first time, you may need to provide some evidence to confirm your circumstances. As you complete your online application, you will be advised which information to provide.


Will I be matched to properties?

As of 5th December 2022 applicants will no longer be matched to properties and therefore all applicant will have to place bids for properties

Do I need to bid for properties?

Yes, as on the 5th December 2022 all properties are allocated via bidding


How many bids can I place a week?

You can place 3 bids in any 7 day period.


What day are properties advertised for bidding?

There is no fixed day that properties are added. Properties can be added on any day and at any time during the day. The council will not be able to tell you when properties will be added. You will need to regularly check the Property Shop to view available properties. 


I am in Band 1/2/3, why is my bid position not higher?

As of 5th December 2022 bids on properties are based on band and how long you have been in this band. This means that once you place your bid, your bid position will change to take into account what band you are in and how long you have been in that band. People above you in the shortlist will be those people that are either in a higher band or have been in the band longer.


When will I hear about a property I have bid on?

There is no fixed day that landlords shortlist properties. This means that there is no set day that you will hear whether your bid has been successful. You should regularly check your 'my bids' section of your account for updates. The council will not be able to tell you when you will hear about a property.

You will only be contacted by the landlord once you appear at the top of the shortlist. If someone above you on the shortlist is offered the property, you will not be contacted and your 'my bids' page will show 'bid unsuccessful'. If you want to discuss reasons as to why your bid was unsuccessful please contact the individual Housing Association.


What does 0 eligible properties mean?

This means that you do not meet the criteria for any of the properties that have been advertised. For example, this may be because the properties that have been advertised have 2 bedrooms and you only require 1 bedroom; or the properties have an age limit of over 55 and you are under 55 years.


My bedroom allocation is wrong. What do I do?

If you have been allocated less bedrooms than your household needs, this is usually due to an error on the application form.

Go to section 3 on your application 'Your other household members' details'. Check for each household member whether you have answered 'yes' to the question 'does this household member share a bedroom with you'. If the household member will not be sharing a bedroom with you when you move, you need to select 'no'. You will need to click through your application to the end and resubmit. This should update your bedroom requirements. 


How do I register for more bedrooms than the system has allocated?

The allocation of housing is based on how many bedrooms your household needs according to the bedroom standard. You will only be able to register for additional bedrooms if your household has a genuine need for an additional room and you are able to provide evidence to support this. Click here to read Bradford District Housing Allocations Policy, which gives more information on how properties are allocated. 


How do I view my previous bids?

Log into your account, Click 'My bids' in my account summary, click go to my bids, under the 'to and from date' box click historic bids, this will then show you previous bids and finishing positions.


How long will it take to get a property?

We are unable to offer timescales regarding bidding and matching


What happens if I finish 1st for a property?

You should hear directly from the Social Housing Provider. Be aware that you must expect a telephone call about your bid any time after you have placed it. They will be contacting interested applicants before the property advert is closed. Please ensure your contact details on your Bradford Homes application are correct and you have your phone available to take calls. They may contact you and if there is no answer and they may leave a message. They may move on to the next applicant so we cannot guarantee the property you have placed a bid for will still be available when you return the call. 

Why am I seeing properties which are not my area choices?

The area choices are only for the automatic side of the system which you only qualify for if you have a banding.  Click here to read Bradford District Housing Allocations Policy,. You can use ‘Narrow my search by specifying a search area’ by inputting a postcode or town name.


Can I get help to pay rent in advance?

Depending on your income Registered Providers may require you to pay the 1st month rent in advance before you can sign up for the property, this is not something that the Council's Housing Options service can assist with, you would need to raise this money yourself. Once you register on Bradford Homes you need to start saving money for your rent in advance payment.

In certain circumstances you be eligible for assistance with rent in advance payments through charity organisations you can check your eligibility following the link provided  you may also be eligible with assistance via a Discretional Housing Payment please follow this link