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I need to move for employment

IMPORTANT: Following Public Health guidance, do not visit our office location to provide your evidence. Please upload all evidence via your online Housing Application and email once you have done this.

To qualify for this band, you will need to provide all of the evidence listed below for scanning at one of our office locations. We are unable to accept incomplete documentation and you will be asked to return once you have obtained all of the evidence.

1. Evidence of eligibility for applicant and joint applicant. Click here to see a list of acceptable documentation.

2. Evidence of local connection. Click here to see a list of acceptable documentation.

3. A letter from you explaining why your current property is not suitable for you or a member of your household’s employment in Bradford

4. Evidence of employment in Bradford from one or more of the following sources:

  • Employment contract
  • Letter from employer confirming employment
  • Offer letter from employer
  • Payslips showing employers address
  • Most recent P60

Click here to see our office locations and opening hours.